About this blog

This blog is about the situation created since 2002.

The then Minister for Justice and Equality took away family rights and introduced institutional discrimination against Irish citizens in mixed marriages.

Some specific rights and privileges of mention that are denied to Irish family, rights to move freely within the EU and back to Ireland without visas, And the right to family reunification. 
The initial damage was done when post-nuptial citizenship was stripped away amid blatant lies and the false reassurance by John O’Donoghue that it would not affect what he called “well established immigration procedures which secure the admission of non-national spouses of Irish nationals” After the deed was done and he took away post-nuptial citizenship, the Dept of Justice under Dermot Ahern then stated Irish family have “No Absolute right” to the admission of a non-national spouse.

This is a purely Irish made problem.

The Irish establishment seem to follow the British Home Office in trying to find loop holes and gaps in human rights legislation, so instead of embracing and honoring the rights of Citizens, they decide to be disloyal to their own citizens who marry outside.

3 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. jcn50 Says:

    “Reverse discrimination” is a very bad expression… ANY form of discrimination of rights IS a discrimination.
    A “reverse discrimination” is perceived as an abnormal discrimination: implying that there are normal & abnormal discrimination. Are you comparing one discrimination to another one?? If non-Irish citizens were discriminated, this blog would not exist??….

    • irelandsreversediscrimination Says:

      “Reverse discrimination” is the term in international
      law to describe the absurd situation where a country
      treats its own citizens worse than other nationals.

      The solution to reverse discrimination is equality.

      But the Irish Department of Justice and Equality
      behave like they are an Orwellian Department

      • jcn50 Says:

        I’m back after some years! I noticed your courts excerpts posted in April 2014 regarding “reverse discrimination”, and this exactly what I was saying back then: that term is flawed and supposedly legal (using “subsidiarity” as a shield)… It is a good example of a PR failure, and from a legal point of view: courts should be asked to examine discrimination cases, not reverse discrimination cases. The judges don’t get that “reverse discrimination” is part of the “discrimination” family: they accept it as a distinctive legal ability of an EU State.

        In regards to Spouse visas in Ireland, the courts should have examined a discrimination between Irish and EU citizens only, precisely because Irish citizens are also part of the EU citizens (Cyprus case). The court Applicant made a very big mistake by bringing this term out during the oral submissions (point 56 of Case 2009 629).

        Anyway, thank you very much for this blog: it is very helpful for any future case brought in Irish courts: “reverse discrimination” should be completely omitted in any subsequent court proceedings.

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